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How to Audit Your Website to Recover It From Panda Penalty

Google Panda is now a major part of Google's search algorithm and we must put in adequate efforts to get fruitful results. As we all know that Google introduced this pet to target on page quality of a site, so if you want to save your site from this pet then you need to improve on page structure of your website. I know that it's hard to diagnose that why a site is losing its traffic and ranking in search engines, but we can get our visitors back with the help of a site audit. So let's have a look on what best we can do to recover it from Panda effect.
Content Quality
Content quality is a very common issue which encourages panda to penalize a website. A fewer pages with low quality content can damage overall ranking of a website. Different kinds of content quality issues are listed below for reference.
Low Quality Content
The very first reason which enables panda to penalize a website is low quality content. Low quality content means that it has lots of grammatical and spelling mistakes which in turn create problems for your visitors to understand the subject you're explaining and user may close your website without reading the full article. So I suggest you to proofread your article before publishing it.
Duplicate Content
Duplicate content is strictly prohibited in SERP. If your site is not performing well or losing its traffic on continuous basis then you need to check your content for duplicate content issues. If you find any duplicate content on your website then immediately change it. You can also ask Google to re-crawl your website through your webmaster account.
Un-Informative Article
Un-informative articles may harm the reputation of a website in the eyes of search engines as well as in the eyes of your visitors. Nobody will like to read your article if it's not giving them full information about the subject. So try to provide full information along with images and videos.
Improve On Page SEO
After content you need to optimize your site for On Page SEO errors. Let's have a look below.
Meta Tags
We have many places to improve at our site to make it look better in the eyes of search engines li

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