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Times are changing marketing methods are evolving, the question is are you? A well structured marketing plan can help turn your business around. If you are a local business and you provide services to customers in your area, the likely hood is that if you do not have an established online presence you can be missing out on potentially tens even hundreds of thousands of pounds per month depending on the type of business you run.
You may be sitting here reading this article thinking wow, if that is the case what do I how can I capture these potential clients? The answer is to rank well in the very well search engines, in particular Google.
Why Google you may ask? Well Google is the search engine that people tend to use. When it comes to finding a local business, in 2010 research has shown that 68% of people turn to Google.
So if you are not ranking well in Google, your pocket can almost feel the difference that ranking well could do to your business. Undertaking a proper SEO campaign is the key to ranking well in Google. The combined factors of quality back links, relevant title tags, descriptions and keywords alongside quality fresh content are the foundations of building a good SEO campaign.
A good SEO campaign will be time consuming and if you are a newbie you may make certain mistakes along the way, but the trick is to learn from every mistake made.
How do I start, well the best thing to do is to research your competition, this gives you valuable information about how competitive your market is or opportunities within your market. Review and analyze the top sites for the keywords you want to target, find out how many backlinks they have, the age of the domain etc.
Information of this kind gives you an insight into what you need to do in order to out rank your competition. Once you have this information, the next step is to take action. Get quality backlinks to your website, the more backlinks the better. Understand that the number of backlinks pointing to your website increases your page rank. The higher your page rank the higher the search engines will rank yo

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